Financial advisory

CEAS gives recommendations for when, where to invest and other key factors for financing investments into ports of Spain

Analysis of the value chain

We will help company's business activities to see how the company can create a competitive advantage for itself

Investment profitability studies

Our expertise includes return on investment, and related metrics to provide a snapshot of profitability with the extra value that we add legal advice to the financial study

Market positioning

We design ad hoc market positioning to influence consumer perception regarding company's brand or products relative to competitors. We will help to establish the image that consumers will perceive in a winner way using terchniques of market research and big data

Strategic management objectives and indicators

We help the company to define custom accurate KPIs, strategic maps in the Balanced scorecard environment


CEAS will endorse and advise company's plan to collect best conditions for selection of loans, banks, funds (public or private) and other financial instruments to achieve its investments